International trajectories. Schema, art/tapes/22, Zona


From the first half of the seventies to the nineties, Tuscany is once again one of the most vital centers of contemporary art, counting on the presence within its territory of a rich community of Italian and international artists. These artists were attracted to the city not only by the myth of Renaissance culture but also by the numerous production centers which were set up in those years. These include: the Schema Gallery - founded in 1972 by Roberto Cesaroni Venanzi and Alberto Moretti. The Schema Gallery was, until its closure in 1994, a landmark for neo-conceptual art trends; the art/tapes/22 laboratory, active from 1973 to 1976 under the leadership of Maria Gloria Bicocchi, specialized in the production of video art partly thanks to the contribution of the young American Bill Viola; the experiences of Zona non-profit art space, set up in 1974 thanks to the initiative of the artists Mario Mariotti, Paolo Masi and Maurizio Nannucci, whose legacy will be picked up and re-launched in 1998 by BASE/Progetti per l'arte.

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