Giorgio Morandi, Still life, 1923-1924

Titolo didascalia: 
Still life
Giorgio Morandi
Tecnica realizzativa: 
oil on canvas
In concessione: 
Collezioni civiche - Dono Alberto Della Ragione

“I believe there is nothing more surreal and abstract than the real,”  declared Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964).  His artistic research was very modern. He would investigate the most common objects, strip them of their uses and celebrate them with the volumes, compositions and colors. "What matters is to reach the bottom, the essence of things.” Everyday objects are made neutral by colored or white chalk, positioned, enveloped by light, observed and painted according to a plan that is thoughtful and austere. In the room-workshop in Via Fondazza, even the dust has its importance, as well as the point of view, the brightness and the atmosphere. Morandi, who will live all his life in Bologna, refers to the glorious Italian tradition but also at the great artistic innovations. He makes references to Cézanne, approaches the first Futurism and then Metaphysics. He also joined the Plastic Values trend. The two Still Life - about fifteen years apart and different in hues, subjects and paint - tell it all. "He looks with the eye of the man who believes and the inner skeleton of things that are dead for us, because they are motionless, it appears most consoling, in his eternal".  (Giorgio de Chirico)

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