Antonio Donghi, Flowers (Dahlias), about 1923

Titolo didascalia: 
Flowers (Dahlias)
about 1923
Antonio Donghi
Tecnica realizzativa: 
oil on canvas
In concessione: 
Collezioni civiche - Dono Alberto Della Ragione

Antonio Donghi (1897-1963), active mostly in Rome but soon appreciated in Italy and overseas (solo debut in New York dated in 1927), offers his personal response to the return to the order of the twenties by opting for a reality that in those years will be defined as Magical Realism.  Even domestic settings and scenes (clear and motionless) become carriers of silent mysteries, drawing a poetic and original dimension of everyday life. The result is a glazed, smooth, detailed and compact painting characterized by careful planning of the structures so to appear enigmatic and give an atmosphere of magic “that allows to feel, through intense anxiety, almost another dimension in which our life is projected.” The Flowers, purchased by Alberto Della Ragione - two large bouquets of orange dahlias - show isolation and simplicity, similar to that sought in the same years by the pianist and composer Alfredo Casella (1883-1947). He was an admirer and collector of Donghi's artwork. He explained that he sought "painting by painters who follow, in their art and in their research, what he seeks in terms of trend."

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