Mario Sironi, Mountain Lake, 1928

Titolo didascalia: 
Mountain Lake
Mario Sironi
Tecnica realizzativa: 
oil on canvas
In concessione: 
Collezioni civiche - Dono Alberto Della Ragione

Born in Sassari, only few months old he moved to Rome with his family. Mario Sironi (1885 - 1961) started his artistic research in 1903, abandoning his studies in engineering but keeping the influence in the design and construction of its plastic representations. An immediate follower of Futurism, he will approach it from 1919 the movement that was a synthesis of avant-garde and "return to order" initiated by Margherita Sarfatti (part of the Italian twentieth century movement) to then embrace the fascist ideology and adopt the vision of public and social art, which finds its best expression in the great cycles of mural paintings of the thirties. A monumental, yet modern concept of classic, which is simple, solid, dry and geometric, constructed according to a “wide and synthetic plastic vision,” imbued with a deep sense of melancholy, the latter, a tell-tale sign of nervous diseases with which the painter will have to fight. The Mountain Lake (1928) shows a mythical and essential nature. These features are exaggerated in Landscape of the Dolomites (1934), where the volumes stand out with expressionistic strength and the mountain is almost shaped by the painting.

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