Fashion: the birth of Pitti


On February 12, 1951 Giovan Battista Giorgini organized his Villa Torrigiani, the first Italian tailor show. This is considered as the birth of Italian fashion, as a system inspired by the elegance of artistic creation and influenced by a strong combination between traditional craftsmanship and the dynamics of industry and commerce. The fashion shows, until then held sporadically, on social occasions and in elite social gatherings, become highly anticipated events, which take place from July 1952 in the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti. The close link with Florence, conceived as a cradle of art and elegance, is of paramount importance. The efforts of the organizers focus not only on the fashion show, but also on the events, such as receptions and closing ceremonies. These events are usually staged in places of great historical and artistic value in order to keep the bond with the prestigious past of the city alive. These and other milestones in the history of fashion of the twentieth century can be explored through a multimedia device developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. Further information and material, such as photographs and sketches of the era, are available here.

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