The Palazzeschi Collection


The writer Aldo Palazzeschi (1885-1974) is a fine connoisseur and collector of art of his time. Close to the futurists and a friend of Marinetti, he will witness the birth of the movement, with which he will actively collaborate until the Great War. The conflict brings out the differences: Palazzeschi will be distant from the futuristic interventionism. He will fall out even with his old companion Ardengo Soffici, endorser of his first adhesion to contemporary art:  «Before you providentially became my friend I was still in Tiziano».He lived between Florence, Rome, Paris and Venice and had a deep friendship with Primo Conti, Ottone Rosai, Alberto Magnelli and Filippo De Pisis. The latter is the "poet of form and color" who he met in Paris for the first time in 1925. In his collection 12 paintings are still included.

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