Ottone Rosai: poets, critics and artists


In 1913 Ottone Rosai (1895-1957) visited the Futurist Exhibition organized by "Lacerba" and temporarily joining the movement. In subsequent years, however, he defines his own personal compositional solution, imbued with realism and organized around solid and basic forms inspired by the three frescoes of the fifteenth-century Florentine masters: Giotto, Beato Angelico and Masaccio, among all. The interest in structure, form and substance of the real, and for a crude and genuine truth characterize all his work, which reflects the heritage of the ancient intertwining it with the everyday Florentine identity. The protagonist is the man, in all its facets. A testimony of this is the portraits of writers, scholars, historians and artists presented in the series friends of Rosai and the eighteen Tondini, so named for the format (which invokes the Renaissance oculi), made between 1939 and 1943 as personal "memory album" and offered by the heirs to the city of Florence in 1960.

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