Updates on the international avant-gardes


The entire Florentine Futurism event can be interpreted as the story of an original movement which crosses the cultural life of the country in the second decade of the century. In the same year in which Marinetti published his famous Futurist Manifesto on the front page of «Le Figaro», and the magazine «The Voice» (1908-1916), the series of articles Impressionism and Italian painting (signed by Soffici) is published. It will feature an appeal by the Tuscan painter (returning from Paris), for the need to renew the artistic culture on the basis of some insights of Impressionist painting. These characteristics distinguish Soffici's Futurism from the Milanese interpretation, which appears to be inspired by the industrial city, the myth of speed, and is attracted to the divisionist breaking down of color as well as by an idea of the manifesto as the main propaganda tool. On the other hand, Florence opens to suggestions from international movements: the constructive rationality which characterizes the Tuscan design tradition is renewed by the influence of Cézanne and the French post-impressionism. The renewal of the Florentine artists according to the Parisian art developments - partly fuelled by the propaganda of Ardengo Soffici and expressed according to a plurality of compositional and stylistic solutions, is well represented by the works of art here exhibited.